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Enabling Businesses to make a local difference


Our Mission

We want every business in the UK to be donating to their local community. Able revolutionises the way businesses and individuals give to charity, by enabling transparency, flexibility, accountability and trust on where your money is donated. We create local community pots alongside the council and local trusts, so that users are able to donate directly to their local community as well as donate to any other charity based in the UK.

How it works

  • Add your Community Pot to donations, as well as any other charities
    We have created Local Borough Pots alongside the Council and Local Trusts to make the greatest difference in your borough. The Pots include Charities, Schools, Hospitals, Community centres and more. Each month 50% of donations to local pots are split between the local charities in that borough. The other 50% is put in a pot for impact donations such as medical equipment, sports equipment, education, books and more.
  • Choose your monthly donation amount
    Once you add your first charity or borough pot, you will be sent to 'donation amount'. This is where you decide how much you wish to donate monthly to ALL charities. If you are an individual you will be asked if you're eligible for gift aid.
  • Define your contribution for each charity.
    On 'Your Donations' you will be able to edit your monthly contribution to suit you. If you'd like to change your donation to any charity on one specific month, you have the flexibility to do so.

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