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Privacy Policy

When Able Donations uses your personal data, we understand its your privacy and respect this fully. We use your data as described below to allow you to use

Able Donations, enhance your knowledge using our platform, maximize your giving network and ensure that no good cause goes unfunded (and of course, comply with applicable data protection laws!).


I. Who Are We?

II. How to Reach Our Data Protection Officer?

III. How Do We Notify You of Changes to this Policy?

IV. What Are Your Rights?

V. What Data Do We Collect?

VI. What Happens If You Don’t Want Us to Have Your Data?

VII. How Do We Use Your Data?

VIII. With Whom Are We Sharing Your Data?

IX. How Do Charity Partners Use My Data?

X. How Do We Use Personal Data of Our Partner Users?

XI. How Long Do We Keep Your Data?

XII. Children’s Data

XIII. Able Donations App

XIV.  StreamRaiser™  

XV. Users Located in the UK and European Union


Who Are We?


Able Donations operates its business in the United Kingdom, under one identity. We are a flexible charity giving platform, giving to charities on your behalf.


In the UK and the European Economic Area by

Limited, an entity established under the laws of England and Wales,

6 St Michael Street, St Albans, Herts, AL3 4SG, United Kingdom;


You can contact Able Donations via or by writing to the address listed above for the Able Donations entity providing services to you. This Policy applies to our collection and use of your data in connection with our services, like the Able Donations platform or


How to Reach Our Data Protection Officer?


To contact Able Donations Data Protection Officer regarding our processing of your personal data, email


How Do We Notify You of Changes to this Policy?


We keep this Policy under regular review and place updates on We also provide notifications of material changes via the platform. If you keep using the Services after we notify you, you consent to the updated Privacy Policy. If not, you may cancel your account.


What Are Your Rights?


Able Donations recognizes that your personal data belongs to you and we don’t wish to use it in ways that you don’t want us to.


Able Donations will only ever use your data for personal use and it will not be used for marketing or other purposes unless a change in privacy policy is updated.


If granted by applicable laws, you can also exercise a variety of rights regarding our use of your data:


- You can ask us for a copy of the information we have about you.


- You can ask us to correct any incorrect data we have about you and you can also update your account details yourself at any time by visiting your Able Donations account.


- You can ask us to delete your data.


- You can ask for your data in a common, machine-readable format.


- You can object to any processing we do on the basis of legitimate interests or to any automated decision-making.


- You can ask us to restrict the processing of your data.


To exercise any of the foregoing rights, please email Note that some of these rights may not be enforceable in your jurisdiction and some aren’t absolute—for example, we may not be able to forget you if we have to keep some of your data to comply with the law—but we’ll evaluate your request in accordance with applicable data protection laws. Able Donations will respond to your request within one month of receiving it. Also, note that if you’re located in the UK or the EU, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office or the supervisory authority in your country of residence or place of work.


What Data Do We Collect?


We don’t receive any personal data about you other than what you provide us, either by creating an account, using the Services, from when you agree to connect your Facebook account to Able Donations, or data we can infer from your use of the Services.


When you create an Able Donations account: We will collect basic contact information about you to set up your account so you can make donations. This will include your name, address and email address. We will also ask you to register a username and password so you can gain secure access to your account in the future.


Alternatively, you may authorize us to collect your basic personal details from a secure online source (e.g. Facebook) to which you have already provided this information.


We enable you to set an image for your Able Donations profile and this image is shown as a thumbnail next to all of your actions on the platform.

Please note that this image is dynamic and not frozen in time—e.g. if you change your image in 2018, the new image will appear next to your activities from when your account was opened.  


When you sign in to Able Donations using your Facebook account: If you choose to login via Facebook, we will obtain access to your Facebook public profile information and email address. We will use this information to allow you to login and populate our records about you. If you give us permission (via Facebook’s preference settings), we may also obtain access to your friend list but we only receive the names of your friends who are also Able Donations users. We will only use this to see if people on your friends list are also using our website and as set out in ‘How we use personal information’ below. You can control whether or not Facebook shares this data with us, either by changing your preferences when you first login to Able Donations with your Facebook account or by visiting the app setting controls on Facebook’s platform.


When you make a donation: To enable us to process donations, we will collect basic payment information as well as your name, home address and email address. If you choose to set up a direct debit then we will take the payment near the middle of each month and we will collect your sort code, account number and bank address.


When you use the Services: We also collect information about your use of our Services, including your IP address, mobile device identifier, how much time you spend on the site, and what you do, like or view. We do this through the use of cookies. To read more about our use of cookies, please refer to our separate Cookies page.


What Happens If You Don’t Want Us to Have Your Data?


You are not required to provide personal data to us. Note, however, that your failure to do so may affect our ability to provide the Services you request. For example, we are unable to process your donation to the platform if you do not provide your payment information.


How Do We Use Your Data?


Able Donations uses your personal data to provide the services you request, to personalize your Able Donations experience, to send you communications and to enhance your ability to raise funds for the causes you care about.


Services Requested: We use your information to provide our Services to you:


- Using your account data to enable you to take advantage of our platform’s features, like location settings to find local charities.


- Processing donations and claiming Gift Aid, if applicable.


 Personalizing your Able Donations: We want to enhance your experience with Able Donations by tailoring the site to your interests:


- When you “favorite” a cause or type of cause, we use that information to suggest causes you may be interested in and show them to you on the home Feed.


- In your Feed and elsewhere in the Services, we’ll show you causes related to causes you have donated to in the past.


Making Able Donations Better: We use aggregated and personal data about you and your use of our Services to develop and test better fundraising tools, to drive our research and development and to better understand our users and charity partners. Able Donations does this analysis using a variety of data sources—transactional data (how you use the Services), click stream and log data (web traffic and Services usage), email data (how you respond to emails we send you), survey data, customer service data and data you agree to share with us from your Facebook account. We may send you surveys about the services, but you can opt out of receiving these and participation is completely voluntary.


Advertising: We do not do any advertising on Able Donations website or platform, if this changes the Privacy Policy will be updated to show this.


With Whom Are We Sharing Your Data?


We do not share your data with anyone outside of Able Donations apart from service providers. We may disclose your information if required by law, requested by law enforcement authorities or to enforce our legal rights, such as pursuant to a subpoena or to HMRC when you claim Gift Aid. We may share your information in connection with a sale or reorganization of Able Donations, but in any such case, the terms of this Policy will continue to apply.


Our service providers include:


- Banks and payment providers - to authorize and complete payment transactions;


- Third party identity checking or credit reference agencies - for the purposes of identity checking and bank account verification;


- Organizations within the payment card industry - to help prevent online fraud;


- IT, information security and cloud services providers – to help us provide the Services and keep your data safe;


- Communication providers – to assist us with the processing and delivery of email and other communications;


- Behavioral analytics tools, like Kiss metrics – to collect and help us understand data when you use our Services, described in the How Do We

Use Data? Section.


We do not currently share your personal data with charities and event partners and companies but terms will be changed accordingly if this is changed.


How Long Do We Keep Your Data?


We keep your personal data in an identifiable form for as long as we have legitimate reason to use the data and as required by law. 


Children’s Data


We do not direct the Services to users under the age of 18. If you are a parent or guardian and you are aware that your child has provided us with personal data, please contact us at


Able Donations App


The Able Donations App is the service, so this Policy applies to your use of the App. In addition, there are a few unique terms that apply when you use the App:


Device Access: You can choose to give us access to resources on your device (e.g. pictures or contact details) via the App permissions and we will only do so until you ask us to stop.


In-App Notifications: You can amend your preferences on receiving in-

App notifications by turning off the Notifications tab within your profile on the App. Note that this does not affect your preferences for receiving emails from Able Donations - for more information about the email we send, please see above.


Cookies and Analytics: The App does not use cookies but we do use our normal analytics tools within the App that enable us to provide the services you request, identify service issues to us, improve our services and to provide content tailored to users personal preferences and profiles. 


Users Located in the UK


In addition to the foregoing, the following provisions apply to our users located in the UK and EU.


On What Legal Bases Do We Process Your Data?


We process your personal data on a variety of legal bases depending on the use. For example sometimes it is necessary to process your data for us to comply with our legal obligations, like when we send Gift Aid information to HMRC. Please see our separate page on Legal Bases for more information.


How Are We Using Your Data Based on Our Legitimate Interests?


We may process your personal data for the purposes of our legitimate interests, provided that your rights or interests don’t outweigh these uses. For any uses we justify on the basis of legitimate interest, you have the right to opt out of such processing here.


Where Are We Sending Your Data?


We ensure your data is processed only in countries that provide an adequate level of protection for your data or where the recipient provides appropriate safeguards, such as model contract clauses, binding corporate rules, or mechanisms like the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield framework. For a copy of such safeguards, please contact us.


Date and number of this version: 9 May 2020, 1.0

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